VALORANT, a tactical, competitive video game (and one I play often), has surged in popularity since its mid-2020 release. One of the screens that players frequently interact with, the Agent Select screen, is missing what I believe are useful elements that help enhance the game experience. Thus, I redesigned this screen's UI by incorporating existing and new components.


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VALORANT is an objective-based game where two teams of five players select characters with unique abilities to face off against each other; first team to secure 13 rounds win. Each round, the attacking team tries to plant & detonate a bomb in one of two map locations, while the defending team tries to prevent this. Weapons are purchased by each player and are used to eliminate opposing players.

The Current Experience

Before a match begins, players are sent to the Agent Select screen where each person selects a different character or "agent" to play with. They can also view agent abilities, and communicate with their teammates. However, players must also be cognizant of which agent they select with regards to the rest of their team and the map being played. This is the current experience


The Issue

This screen may appear fine to some people, but I believe a redesign would benefit new & current players, as I noticed that many useful & helpful game details are missing from the UI. Therefore, I focused on issues that pertain to these "missing" game details, which are explained below.


1) Lack of map details may affect a player's agent selection, especially new players.

2) Agents are categorized into "classes" depending on playstyle, but it's not distinguished here.

3) Agent abilities described only by words might not inform players on how they actually work.

The Redesign

By focusing on those issues mentioned, it presented me with an opportunity to improve the experience of all VALORANT players. Using the typeface Avenir & Impact, and assets gathered from VALORANT Wiki, I redesigned the Agent Select screen, with design decisions explained below.

1) Improved map information to include a description & in-game minimap. 

2) Grouped agent selections by class to inform players of each agent's playstyle.

3) Placed a hypothetical "video demo" to show players how each agent's ability works. 

4) Rearranged important components to utilize screen space.

A few other screens that I redesigned.

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