During a five-day design sprint, I collaborated with three other UX designers on a digital solution for a digital media company, theScore. The problem space presented was to connect individuals through recreational sports, especially those who work from home. We designed REConnect, a mobile app for users to register for organized sports leagues to connect with other people. 


UX Designer


Design Sprint





Even in the remote, work-from-home environment we find ourselves living in, there is an opportunity to connect individuals through recreational sports. How do we leverage technology to create a sense of community & belonging? We first explored apps that offered social connection or recreational sports to identify any missing gaps to validate designing our own.


Journey Map

We believed there was an opportunity for a more appealing digital solution for individuals to participate in recreational sports. However, we needed to understand the current experience that a busy adult faces in order to socially connect through recreational sports. We designed a journey map to explore the possible routes taken to meet the goal of engaging in recreational sports with others.


User Interviews

The journey map revealed different solutions to explore, but we still needed to understand if this truly aligned with our target users. Therefore, we conducted user interviews with three adults who were familiar with recreational sports. These findings revealed three themes that correlated among each other and involved organized, recreational sports.


"How might we provide busy adults a simple way to fit organized recreational sports into their schedule in order to stay socially connected?

Defining the Persona & Experience

Before we dived into a solution, we created a persona using our findings to highlight their goals and pain points. In addition, we designed an experience map to identify the steps being taken in order to participate in organized, recreational sports; a digital opportunity is presented when the persona is overwhelmed.


Task Flow

Where the persona felt overwhelmed in their experience was where we designed a task flow for a digital solution to address this pain point. This app would provide access to different recreational sports leagues, allowing users to register for a team, invite a friend and connect with the team using the chat function.


Sketches & Design Guideline

Following the task flow, we collected sketch inspiration from mobile apps and sport league websites. In addition, a design guideline was provided that included type & brand colours. As a team, we collectively decided on a combination of each designer's sketches, all offering similiar & unique design components.



By combining recreational sports & social connection, we designed REConnect. It's a central hub to explore different sports leagues & teams, and the ability for users to connect with teammates using the integrated chat feature. REConnect addresses our persona's goal of engaging in recreational sports with others, and pain point of being overwhelmed when looking for different types of leagues.


User Testing

We weren't finished just yet. To ensure REConnect was straightforward and useful, we conducted usability testing and were provided with feedback. We made these minor iterations because we knew that designing for the needs & wants of the end-user would improve the overall user experience.

Key Learnings

After presenting our solution to theScore, we were provided with valuable feedback to use in future design sprints - overall, it was a great experience. By following the Design Sprint process, I learned how to utilize each day efficiently in a team setting to design a mobile app that solved the needs of our users.

I also learned to: prioritize tasks, as time management is important to stay on track, make collaborative decisions, especially among designers who contribute in all aspects, and lastly, conduct usability tests if possible, because important iterations are revealed that improve the user experience.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” - Albert Einstein

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